How to Manage Your WSOP 2023 Winnings

The 2023 World Series Of Poker (WSOP) attracted a record number of players. The Main Event amassed a whopping $93.3 million prize pool, the largest prize pool in live tournament […]

Employee Retention Credits for Businesses

I wanted to reach out and make sure you have access to this information. The Employee Retention Credits for Businesses Program provides companies with up to $5,000 per employee for […]

Casino Winnings

Every year, lucky gamblers strike gold in Las Vegas. Whether you hit a slots jackpot or win a fortune playing table games, winning big can be electrifying.  However, as every […]

The Top 5 Tax Deductions Every Business Owner Should Know About

Business owners can take advantage of a range of deductions to minimize their tax burden. Knowing what these deductions are  keeps you informed and reduces your tax liability. Here are […]

Missed the Deadline? Here’s What to Do About Your 2022 Taxes

If you missed the deadline to file your 2022 tax return, you may wonder what will happen next. Is the IRS going to contact you? Will you have to pay […]

WSOP 2023: ITIN Issues Persist for Nonresidents

World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2023 just kicked off at the Paris and Horseshoe casinos. From daring bluffs and impossible folds to record-breaking pots, the WSOP is a time of […]

WSOP 2022 Update: Nonresidents Face ITIN Issues

If you have been to the WSOP this year, you have probably noticed many changes from past years. There are two new venues, larger rooms and new tournament chips. However, […]

IRS Increases Standard Mileage Rates Mid-Year

The IRS announced it will increase the standard mileage rate to 62.5 cents per mile for business activities, a 4 cent increase from the earlier in the year, beginning on […]

Michigan Allows Gambling Loss Deduction for 2021

Prior to 2021, Michigan was one of the few remaining states that did not allow recreational gamblers to deduct gambling losses on the state level (this includes losses related to […]

2022 World Series of Poker

After an abbreviated event at the end of 2021, the World Series of Poker is back to its full slate of live and online events in 2022. Things will look […]

Payroll-Related Provisions of the New COVID-19 Law

The Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 (the CAA, 2021) was signed into law on December 27, 2020 and is a further legislative response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The more than […]

Uncertain Times for WSOP 2020 It’s all in the Cards

The World Series of Poker for 2020 looks a little different this year! For now, gone are the days of crowded hallways filled with buzz and excitement. They have been […]