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Las Vegas CPA ~ Need more bottom-line results at home or office?

Let us help by outlining Tax Savings to get you there!

The first thing most companies and organizations do to increase the bottom line is cut line items like marketing, payroll, and vendor relationships, then re-evaluate insurance plans, equipment rentals, and interest rates on debt.  At home, dining out gets cut along with private school and tuition payments, and of course, the ever popular “latte fund” gets the axe.

But have you considered the tax credits from the government and even the opportunity to recoup taxes paid in years past?

Probably not, but we have!

Our qualified CPA’s have their fingers on the pulse of hot button potential savings including but not limited to:
·         Non-Cash Contributions
·         New Points on Refinancing
·         Health Insurance Premiums
·         Educator Expenses
·         Student Education Expenses
·         Energy Savings and Green Tax Credits
·         Investment Expenses
·         Casualty Deductions
·         Retirement Tax Credits & Wealth Transfers
·         Property Tax Reductions

Don’t wait until the end of the year, contact us now so we can evaluate where you are so far in 2010 and chart a course to get you across the finish line!


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