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Tax Day – Time is running out…

As tax day gets closer and closer, panic may be setting in as you realize you have less than 48 hours to file your tax return for a year that was, “less than ideal” financially.  We can help you make every dollar count even if you’re down on your luck.

If you answer YES to any of the questions below – call us TODAY, we’ll help you get through it and file on time. 

  • Did you cash in on investments to make ends meet?
  • Did you collect unemployment in 2009?
  • Did you short sale or foreclose on your property?
  • Did you file for bankruptcy?



DID YOU KNOW?  That if you have a loss in 2009 you can carry it back for up to 5 years that showed income and recapture income taxes in those given years?

You’re NOT alone if your nest egg is whithered away, you lost your job, your home value has depreciated, or your debt mounted out of control.  Don’t let pride get in the way of filing on time – call us today and we can help.


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