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Las Vegas Peer Reviews ~ The Latest

The news these days is dominated by politics and the state of the economy.  While you stay abreast of what’s happening on these fronts – Kondler & Associates is staying up-to-date on the most recent accounting standards to ensure systems of quality control and procedures comply with new industry standards.

This is exactly what you want out of a Peer Reviewer and at Kondler & Associates, we have our finger on the pulse of the industry – here’s the latest information for you below:

There are proposed revisions to Peer Review Standards regarding Performing and Reporting on Peer Reviews of Quality Control Materials (QCM) and Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Programs.

 a.       Firms selecting a peer reviewer will need to ensure their peer review is not performed by a firm that provides their QCM materials or CPE programs.  This is considered a potential lack of independence.

 b.      Potentially removes the rule that QCM and CPE providers undergo triennial peer review.


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