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Trust the Professionals at Kondler & Associates, CPAs for Preparation of Individual Income Tax Returns

Preparing individual income tax returns can be a stressful, time consuming and complicated process. This is why so many people rely on the professional at Kondler & Associates CPAs to ensure they are in compliance with all current tax code regulations for both federal and state.

Kondler & Associates CPAs have the knowledge and experience necessary to prepare and file personal income tax return (1040) and all necessary schedules required by law. The professionals at Kondler & Associates keep up with all the constant changes in the tax code so their clients can focus on other important issues.

The professionals at Kondler & Associates CPAs always keep their clients’ best interests in mind while preparing their tax returns. They are familiar with allowable credits and tax deductions, they will ask the right questions to ensure their clients receive the appropriate tax refund amount allowed by law.

Clients at Kondler & Associates CPAs receive year-end tax planning advice to help them with tax savings, and minimize the stress involved with preparing yearly tax returns. Whether searching available tax deductions and/or tax credits, the qualified professionals at Kondler & Associates, CPAs can help clients maximize their tax deduction and credits allowed by law.

Individuals can receive advice about what itemize deductions they can take on their tax return. Itemizations allow a taxpayer to deduct medical expenses, donations, mortgage interest and much more that are allowed by law. For self-employed individuals at Kondler & Associates CPAs can discuss what expenses can be deducted on to offset their taxable income and how the self employment tax is calculated. Clients can rest assured that all schedules and statements will be filed with their income tax return.

The professional staff at Kondler & Associates CPAs has spent more than two decades gaining the trust of clients in the Las Vegas area and beyond. Call 702-433-7075 to speak with a representative and schedule a free consultation to discuss your individual income tax return today.

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