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Tax Credit Not Just For First Time Buyers

It’s true… and the important date you need to know right now is that you must have a binding sales contract in place BEFORE May 1, 2010 in order to qualify for the home buyer tax credits… and for long time homeowners you have to “close” on or before June 30, 2010. The long time […]

Is there a pot of gold hidden in your walls?

Accountants have traditionally limited their assignment of short-term depreciation of building components for Federal Income Tax purposes to the 3-5% of building costs found in furniture and fixtures.  A cost segregation analysis maximizes a building’s tax benefits by identifying, classifying, and segregating a larger percentage of a building’s assets for accelerated depreciation. Depending on the […]

We use QuickBooks… what are you using?

What Accounting System Are You Using? If your answer to that question is, “I put all my accounting records into a file box and delivering it to our bookkeeper or accountant once a month or once a quarter (the catch up system),” then you really need to pay attention to this article. In most cases, you are […]

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